Take time off on the weekend…relax on the fairway

Posted by: Baraka Kip

You've worked hard the entire week...reward yourself with a good game of golf...

As much as we love to work hard, there’s only so much that our bodies and minds can take – which is why we recommend that you take a break.

It could be off to a nice getaway down by the coast or maybe a relaxing weekend off in Naivasha. Whatever you decide make it worthwhile. In which case, golf could be something that could really get you relaxed and ready for your next shot of a work week.

Golf and relaxation

Believe it or not, golf is a really great way to relax both mind and body. Not only do you enjoy absolutely stunning views that are the main stay of many courses but you also get to breathe really fine fresh air – great for revitalizing the mind.

Additionally, you can network your way to some amazing opportunities. And the social benefits are not just business or work related – at the fairway you meet new ideas that could spur you on in your personal life as well.

That said, make sure you get a good game going – enjoy every minute of it.

Not only do you make work related connections at the fairway…your personal life could benefit as well…

So there you have it, a pointer to one way of taking time off work – play golf and network as well.

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