One of the biggest questions we get here at Carmax East Africa Ltd., is “What does one need to consider in order to buy a car…”, and especially from buyers who may be doing so for the first time.

In this post, we’ll give you a list of 10 points that you should take into serious consideration whenever you’re buying a car (even if it’s not your first time).

Here we go.

  1. The make and model of the car you want – As obvious as it sounds, it will surprise you to find that not many buyers are that conversant with car makes and models and their varieties. In fact for a lot of buyers, their car make knowledge comprises of well-known models like Toyota, Nissan and maybe a BMW or Mercedes-Benz. But that doesn’t have to be you, with helpful articles like these, and the experienced sales people you will find at our yards, you can be sure to get the right car.Even if you are one of those who feels a bit intimidated by all the makes and models, others being produced each and every day, worry not, with just a few answers to some questions like “What would you like to do with the car…” e.t.c., our sales executives can guide you toward a car that you will ultimately love.Additionally, you will find that we regularly publish “How-to” guides, especially focused on what to look for in different car makes and models. Check out one of our guides here.
  2. Condition of the car – It is also of great importance that you decide the kind of condition you’d like to purchase. Here we mean whether the car is used or new. At Carmax East Africa Limited, we deal in both kinds so we’ve got you covered.
  3. Your budget – The other consideration you need to make is just how much money you have to spend. Like almost all things in life, your choice in a car will be greatly affected by your budget.But what do we really mean when we say “budget”? Well, budget is what your car choice will actually cost you to drive it home. This includes the purchase price, the insurance and all other costs that may be associated with your acquiring your dream car.But don’t let a lack of a chunk of funds hinder your dream. With our financing partners, we are usually able to create a workable solution for most of our clients. For example, with a budget of Ksh. 1.2 million, our responsive sales guys could work out deal for a Toyota Premio, like this 2009 model, and also fix you up with insurance as well as comprehensive servicing.

    Don’t have all the money? No problem, we have great financing solutions through our partners to make your dream come true.

  4. Parts – You may have heard the cliché that you don’t buy a car that you can’t get parts for. It is both true and not so true. If you believe you must have the latest Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, then don’t let a supposed lack of parts stop you – by the way, we have a service center that can get parts for most cars (even some pretty exotic models).That said however, it is always wise to consider if your new car purchase will give you headaches when it comes to getting part replacements. So choose wisely.
  5. Mechanics – Hand-in-hand with the above point is a consideration of how easy it is to find a mechanic that can work on your car. Think it is easy finding a Ferrari technician in Kenya?…We didn’t think so either.So when you are deciding what to buy, take thought of the availability of mechanics who can service your new car.
  6. Taxes – These really apply if you decide to import a car yourself (of if we do it professionally on your behalf). The price that you buy the car for from an auction house for instance is not the final price, you will need to also consider the amount of taxes that are chargeable on the car.Our direct import team will sort you out on that one, talk to them.
  7. Documentation – Here we are talking about transfer documents and the car log book. When it comes to documentation, make sure that you cover all your bases as lacking these, or even having them done wrongly can cost you dearly.Again, you can talk to our sales guys who will make sure they cover you on documentation.
  8. Insurance – The possibility that your car may be involved in an accident makes this of great importance – and in any case, it is mandatory for all road-going vehicles in Kenya.The kind of insurance you choose will be affected by the make you choose, it’s value plus other factors that vary with the insurance provider.(Watch out for our detailed article on car insurance coming soon).
  9. Securing your new purchase – Security is of utmost importance –  the number of vehicles burgled into or stolen outright is quite high, check out this recent case here. As such, whenever you are considering purchasing a car, you also need to think of how to secure it from unsavory characters.There are hundreds of ways to secure a car, and we’ll not get into details in this post (watch out for another on car security soon), but we’ll tell you this: at a minimum, get car tracking and install a top-notch alarm system.Check out our service center for help on this.
  10. Upgrading your car – Finally, you’ll need to take into consideration if you will be reselling your car after a while. For many, buying a car is a dream, upgrading to an even better one is something they look forward to even more. So take think about the resale value of your new purchase so that you won’t have to dig deeper into your pocket when it’s time to upgrade.