When the Mobius vehicle which is made in Kenya started to hit the streets of Nairobi, most people were aghast that such a contraption should be let onto Kenyan roads, let alone be called a Kenyan marque. But Mobius motors, went out of their way and really listened to what both customers and on-lookers had to say.

In this post, we take a look at what the new Mobius holds in store vs. what the old one brought on. And finally, we ask whether it’s a car you’d be willing to buy.

The Old Mobius:

This was said to be a lot of things wrong, especially: clunky, uncomfortable and just plain ugly. No matter the dross poured on the car, there were a few raving fans. All the same, and in our opinion, we think that the car was a great step forward, especially in showing the possibilities available for “Made in Africa”. All the same, the car begged for refinement…enter Mobius 2.

The second version:

One of the biggest selling lines about this car is that it is “…built for Africa..”, and for anyone who’s ever tried to take something like a Honda Fit to those places termed as “mwisho wa reli”, you’ll realize the truth in this line. The guys at Mobius say that to achieve this, they’ve had to get some things right:

  1. The space frame – a rigid structural frame that makes the vehicle very safe to be in while maximizing ground clearance and stability.
  2. Africa tuned suspension – this is to ensure that not only can you go to some of the roughest roads around but you can take or carry loads at the same time.
  3. The biggest improvement, though, is the infotainment suite that Mobius has put into the second version. Together with GPS, Wifi and a touch screen, we feel this is one of the boldest steps taken by the team to put the car into the 21st Century proper.

But that is our take, what do you think?