Let’s face it, if you are buying a used car for the very first time (check our our post on this by the way…), and even if you’ve done this a thousand times before, there are a number of things one tends to take for granted and which could impact your buying experience either positively or negatively.

That said, we bring to you what we are calling the 21 most important questions to ask when you’re buying a used car:

  1. If the car has cruise control, does it work?
  2. Do the signals work?
  3. Has the car been repainted?
  4. If it’s a 4×4, does it work?
  5. Are the windows working properly? What about all locks?
  6. Was the car formerly owned by a smoker or pet owner?
  7. Do the lights and radio work?
  8. How many keys and remote locks are available?
  9. Does it have a spare tire?
  10. Do the window heating elements (for demisting the windows, especially the rear window) work?
  11. Are there any fluid leaks?
  12. Is the exhaust system intact?
  13. Is the car a stolen car? (Sounds obvious but have you checked???)

Let us know in the comments if there are other items of consideration we could have missed.