If you think about it, there are literally thousands of car accessories that you could possibly buy for your car – and who doesn’t want to show a little bit of tender loving care to their car?

Well, all things considered, we think we have a list of the 5 best accessories that you can get quite easily…and your car will love you for it:

  1. The dashboard camera – If you don’t know what a dashboard camera looks like or what it’s for, we’ll tell you.

    A dashboard camera, which is mounted on the dashboard mirror of your car basically lets you to record anything happening in front of you as you drive. This cool little gadget is awesome not just because you can capture stuff worth sharing on social media, but because in case you are involved in something nasty – say an accident, and your insurer wants clear evidence of what happened, you have it all on video!The best units can record in HD and prices are quite affordable.*Contact us for great deals on dashboard cameras.


  2. Embedded screen head-rests – Now we think this is one of the coolest accessories you can possibly get for your car. No longer the preserve of top-of-the-range vehicles like the Lexus LX570 only, the embedded screen head rests will let you entertain back seat passengers with movies, TV or whatever else you can plug through the screens.
  3. Racing seat belts – We don’t recommend any speeding, or breaking any NTSA rules, but if you are one of those drivers that gets away with going fast, we highly recommend you upgrade from the stock seat belts found in your car, to something that puts you in the league of rally drivers – sort of…
  4. GPS – Have you ever had to ask for directions before? Maybe you thought you always knew where a certain place is and then you drove there and discovered you were wrong, well, this is where the trusty GPS comes in. With built-in mapping and voice guided directions, you should be in relatively safe hands.

    *Talk to us for brand name GPS modules at great prices.

  5. Portable rechargeable jump starter – You really don’t want your battery to go flat on you in the middle of nowhere, which is why you need to buy this great accessory today! Simply put, it’s a life saver!