If you’ve experienced your car struggling to gain power regardless of how hard you press your foot against the accelerator; or maybe you are starting your car on a Monday morning getting ready to take off for work and the engine sputters and struggles to come alive, then you could be a victim of poor quality or dirty fuel.

We live in an interesting country where there exists a few who always want to take advantage of the rest of us. Take the case of vehicle fuel: especially petrol. In order to gain illicit and easy profits, some individuals will mix it with kerosene which attracts less duty so as to have a fairly cheap mix that is sold as petrol.

The undue result of this unscrupulous behavior is the gradual detriment of the engines of every car that drinks of this fuel.

So, if your car starts to show the following signs, then you could be a victim:

Stalling or hesitating engine – you are pressing your foot on the pedal but the car doesn’t respond.

Engine fails to start completely – the fuel filter may have been totally clogged or the car’s fuel sensors could actually have locked down the engine’s fuel intake in order to stall further damage.

Unpredictable performance at different RPMs – remember that your car is a machine, and as one, it is made to respond to your bidding. However, if you start to experience unpredictable engine performance at different speeds, it could be a signal that your car ingested dirty fuel – However, this could also be caused by other factors so it is good to note that.

Hard starts – this is where you feel like you are actually forcing the car to kick in and start. Although this could also be as a result of a variety of factors, dirty or impure fuel could be a big concern and you should have it checked.

What to do

  • Have all the dirty fuel drained by a specialist or mechanic and have all the fuel lines cleaned up.
  • You may also have to replace the fuel filter if it’s very bad
  • Take steps to only fuel at stations that uphold their fuel integrity


When it comes to your car, the adage that what goes in comes out holds a lot of water. Put in fake parts or tires and you will be the one to suffer the consequences of faster wear or possibly even worse – put in fuel that is not pure and you will be cutting short your engine’s life.