And the rains are back with a bang. Although we all (at least most of us), welcome them as blessings, sometimes, especially if you happen to be a car owner in Nairobi dread some things that tend to happen to cars during this season. Think dealing with flooded roads, decreased visibility and you get the drift.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the things you should be on the lookout for with regard to keeping your car in tip top shape during this wet season.

  1. Lights – Seeing the road ahead of you (and even behind you), especially when it is dark and rainy is of utmost importance. You don’t want to be on a dark stretch of unlighted road and your lights fail on you. Make sure they are working well…and yes that includes the signals and the break lights especially.
  2. Wipers – Before the rains come, many drivers rarely if ever use their wipers. It’s one of those things that just happen to be useful only when the need arises. This is the reason you need to frequently check how well they are working.
    A great tip is to replace your wiper blades with every season (or at least every 2 rainy seasons), why? Well, you want to make sure those things keep your wind screen clear even if you are driving through a major rain blast.
  3. Tires – This is almost too obvious to state but we’ll go right ahead. Your tires are the only contact you have with the road. You better make sure that contact is top notch. Make sure the treads are deep enough and if you need to have your tires replaced, please do so – your safety is of top priority.
  4. Battery – Did you know that wet weather humidity puts major stress on your battery? And something else, the more your battery has stayed with you (and yes you swear by its dependability), the more corrosion affects the terminals? Believe us when we say this – spending on a new battery is better than spending a chunk of time stranded by the road.
  5. Torch – Yeah we know, another pretty obvious item…but how many of you have a torch in the car? If you answered in the negative just get one. Simple.
  6. Check for leaks – Have you ever noticed that during the rainy season is the time your car just seems to spot a leak in places you never thought of? When is the last time you checked all those rubber seals – around your doors, in the boot? At least do it today and save yourself the agony of dodging leaks while you drive.
  7. Windscreen washers – Today we’ll mention all those little things that tend to be ignored in a car, but which are extremely important just when you need them. Consider a situation where somebody zooms past you splashing your windscreen with a glorious film of filthy muddy water….you press the washer button only for it to respond with a limp spray of water that just seems to make matters worse…Simply put, your windscreen washers are your best friends, take good care of them by cleaning up the nozzles, making sure they are well supplied with water and replacing them if they are aged and worn out.
  8. Wash and wax your car – Although this seems pointless to do considering that it’s going to just get dirty again, remember that your car’s body paint is also sensitive to water spots (which can mess up your car’s paint work with time) and a good coat of wax will go a long way in keeping the paint job tip top.
  9. Make sure the emergency triangular reflector is in your car – Just in case you stall on the road, this is dead important to have with you.
  10. Be extra vigilant on the road. Yes we just ran out of things to tell you to look out for and we thought to leave the best for last – whenever it rains, for some reason it just seems that other drivers (except you of course) get more careless which is why you see all the stalled cars, the minor (and unfortunately sometimes major) accidents on the highways. At all times, be extra vigilant on the road.


If your car is in need of replacements for a few or most of the items mentioned in the list above, we have got a very professional service center that will make sure you’ve got what it takes to beat this rainy season like a pro. Check out our service center here…and make a booking from that page as well.